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Welcome to MVPM

MVPM: Maheshwari Vidya Pracharak Mandal has been supporting, creating and providing facilities to the Maheshwari youth, by establishing educational institutions and hostels for more than 90 years. This has helped and empowered thousands of Maheshwari youths with knowledge and professional skills to overcome the challenges of changing times.

Fulfilling the vision of the ‘TRIMURTI’, Late Shri. Rao Bahaddur Hanmantaramji Rathi of Pune, Late Shri. Laxminarayanji Jaju of Satara and Late Shri. Kishanlaji Lahoti of Karad, MVPM works on a critical mission of providing educational opportunities to the students especially from the rural areas to get an access to education and other facilities in bigger cities while empowering them to become independent. More than 4000 students are at present staying in our hostels and completing their education. MVPM strive to assist students through various other initiatives including, scholarships, loan scholarships, rewards, free ships, schools, colleges, civil services program etc. to meritorious and needy youth so that they can follow their dreams and pursue education that interests them without any hurdles. These programs are benefitting about 8500 students every year.

MVPM also aspires, especially for empowering the Maheshwari girls, in order to bring about a positive social change in the society. The efforts are channelized in providing the girls with the opportunities that will boost up their academic and domestic credentials MVPM is also recognized for inculcating values of Swavlamban - self-reliance in the community. MVPM continues to work in identifying and helping the students to stand on their own feet.

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