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Welcome To ‘Swavalamban Yojna’

Education is a powerful tool which empowers communities to turn their lives around. But even to this day many of our less privileged Maheshwari youths are deprived of quality education. The reasons could be varied –

  • Financial difficulties
  • Lack of Infrastructure and resources
  • Lack of Motivation and direction

including no access to school/college, not being able to pay for education, some are hindered by socioeconomic reasons and those fortunate enough to enroll often drop out owing to poor school/college infrastructure and curriculum while some do not attend because of the low value their parents place on education. This leads to untrained, uneducated and finally unemployed youths with no specific direction in life.

Over the years, MVPM's novel initiative to provide disadvantaged youths the access to quality and enabling education has been well acknowledged and appreciated by the Maheshwari community.

Swavalamban Yojna is based on the belief that "Education is the foundation of better future" and has taken well-planned efforts in making Maheshwari youth Aatmanirbhar through skill-based education. Its work has made it possible for Maheshwari youths, especially those residing in rural areas by enriching them with skill-based education & provide access to opportunities they could not have imagined and hence build a promising future for themselves.

Knowing quality education leads to quality life, MVPM focuses on supporting the less privileged, who are compelled to leave studies due to financial and other challenges. Providing them professional skilled-based training along with financial support, guidance and counselling. The Yojna adopts community’s youths from an age group of 18 to 24 years deprived of education and those who are finding it difficult to chart their own career path.

Swavalamban Yojna is not meant for students pursuing their regular career path e.g. Graduation, CA, Medical, Engineering etc.